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Blood oxygen probe and processing display module are integrated. Monitoring parameter SPO2: suitable for all people above 4 years, measuring range of 70-99%.

Oximeter saturation: an important indicator of oxygen condition in the body. It is generally believed that the normal blood oxygen saturation value should not be lower than 94%, and below 94% is considered as insufficient oxygen supply.

Heart Rate: refers to the number of beat per minute of the Heart.The same person’s heart rate slows during quiet or sleep, and increases during exercise or emotional arousal.

Perfusion Index, Pl value reflects the pulsating bloodstream, so it reflects the Perfusion ability.The greater the pulsating blood bloodstream, the more pulsating components, and the greater the PI value.Therefore, PI values are influenced by the measured site (skin, nails, bone, etc.) and the patient’s own perfusion condition (arterial bloodstream).Since the sympathetic nerve affects heart rate and arterial blood pressure (which affects pulse and arterial bloodstream), the body’s neuroregulatory system or mental state also indirectly affects the P value.Therefore, the PI value will be different under different anesthesia.

Respiratory frequency monitoring RR value (130R):Breathing rate is a term to describe the number of breaths per minute.The number of breaths per minute is called the breathing rate.Breathing is a necessary process of gas exchange between the internal and external environment of the human body. The human body inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide through breathing, so as to maintain normal physiological functions.Normal adults take about 16 to 20 breaths per minute.The ratio of respiration to pulse is 1:4, that is, the pulse beat 4 times for every breath.Children breathe faster than adults, up to 20 to 30 times per minute;Newborns breathe at a rate of four breaths per minute.Breathing rate varies with age, , and physiological condition.


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