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Although we Sri Lankans are not aware of the economic crisis in some parts of the world, it is no secret that with the recent economic downturn in Sri Lanka, those perceptions have become very well felt. This situation is now being experienced by people from all walks of life.

CT 100

This is a popular motorcycle model used in Sri Lanka with high fuel efficiency.

Although food, water and housing are generally considered to be the basic needs of the people in a society, transportation has also become a basic need in today’s society. Different modes of transport are used for this purpose and people representing different economic strata of the society use different modes of transport depending on their economic potential. Whichever mode of transport is used, meeting the needs of every citizen has become a challenge in the face of the current severe economic downturn in Sri Lanka.

The main reason for this is that we do not have enough dollar reserves to import fuel. In all these cases, people are resorting to very cheap means of transportation. The use of motorcycles as the main mode of transport is on the rise. Out of this, there is a high demand for motorcycle models that have a high record of fuel efficiency.

However, the demand for used motorcycles in the country is very high at a time when the import of all vehicles including motorcycles has been suspended.

At this time we are working to provide a good platform for all those who are looking to buy a good motorcycle for themselves. In addition, it also offers the opportunity to sell your motorcycle at a reasonable and reasonable price free of charge.

We hope you make the most of the platform we have provided to help you find the right bike for you and sell your valuable motorcycle at the best price.


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